My Favorite Cute Super Sentai Heroines

I don't find these girls pretty IMO but I like them. :-P Hee hee. So here they are:

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow- Okay I don't find her pretty but she is a pretty lively, outspoken person who can cheer the whole team up. She has had a good chemistry with the whole team even with the rebel type ranger Gai Yuuki. IMO she's even livelier than my favorite ranger Ryu Tendo.

Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink- It was fun watching her bubbly attitude and the fact that she gets into disaster situations and pulling herself out of them.

Saki Royama/Go-on Yellow- If anybody IMO made Go-onger lively, it was her. She is the least impulsive person in their team.

Kotoha Hanaori- It was fun watching her cope up with being the youngest person of the team and her partnership with Chiaki Tani was another thing fun about her. Fortunately she's less of a comedy relief.

Eri/Gosei Pink- I find her to be the cutest Sentai heroine as of late. Just when I was about to stop with Goseiger, her appearance made me change my mind. Hee hee. Just love her. :-P


  1. Oh geez. Perhaps one of these days I need to make such list myself! With you and Mr. Smith doing it...

  2. i like momoko/pink mask, hikaru/pink 5, miki/goggle pink and haruna/pink turbo


    Do you know Rika Satoh's ears sticks out? Do you really like her with her ears sticking out? LOL!!

    1. I take it back. If the hair dresser give her a different hairstyle to cover the ears It would never happen. Don't get me wrong I like her but it's the ears joke everyone keeps making. I mean I like Eri's personality and the way she helps, dresses and a lovely cute character. I like the actress as well if you see modeling pictures of her. She got cute ears.

      My respect back to her:


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