My Thoughts and Speculations on Shinkenger's Adaptation as Power Rangers Samurai as a Sentai Fan

For the first time, this Power Rangers series has a title more straight to the theme as in just "Samurai" instead of the past where it had two words like "Lost Galaxy". Somehow, Saban may be simplifying titles.

So far the names were changed. We have Jayden, Kevin, Mike, Mia and Emily. Cooler than the previous names which were Reese, Baron, Perry, Sadie and Ava.

How do I think it will differ from Shinkenger? Well here are some:
  • Since the red ranger, Jayden, is American so it's most likely he's no shadow warrior and just your American guy interested in martial arts.
  • Although their mentor is played by an American, but in the script he's most likely Japanese. Naming him Takeru may be tribute to the original series. So I think the mentor will not be serving as an attendant to Jayden but the regular Sentai mentor.
  • Probably these guys know nothing about kanji except for the Asian ranger Mia.
  • Maybe and just maybe, Saban will attempt to make it a funny series.
Other thoughts as a Shinkenger fan:
  • Maybe Asian red rangers just don't click with America. I think that's true so I can understand that.
  • Jayden may turn out to be half-Asian himself. Who knows? Some half-Asian, half-Americans even if their father is the one who's Asian look more American.
  • Mia may become either like Cassie Chan or Trini Kwan in personality.
  • Only if people didn't criticize Trini Kwan's existence as racist, maybe we'll get another Asian yellow ranger with a tough personality that amazes her teammates. I would actually have preferred an Asian yellow ranger over an Asian pink ranger.


  1. Rene Naufahu, who's playing Takeru, is actually Pacific Islander (Tongan and Samoan).

    I do agree that for this type of series, an Asian yellow ranger would be a better fit than a white yellow ranger.

    However, Tracy Lynn Cruz, who played Ashley, was half filipino, even though she played a white girl. So it could still be argued that there were other Asian yellow rangers besides Trini.

  2. Just because she's asian doesn't mean she has be like one of the other female asian rangers or know about kanji. And when was the last time you saw MMPR cause Trini didn't drive her team crazy!

  3. @Anonymous- That was when I was eight.

  4. hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

  5. rumor has it that the blue ranger is african american just like TJ, Max and Ethan

  6. As i said before power rangers has become terrible since ninja storm (my feeling). I hope power rangers samurai would get back some reputation as they return to Saban.

  7. @Sakura- I heard Saban wants to make it a funny season. Fine with me as long as it's well done. :-P


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