My Views on The Goukaiger Rumors and Information

For some reason, Sentai rumors leak earlier now and Goseiger hasn't finished yet. :-P It's said it will be known as Pirate Sentai Goukaiger. Goukai means heroic. So what do I think about what I've been reading from the other blogs?

This almost reminds me of Gundam, so will there be Gundam-themed mecha?

Also, with the concept that the team travels in a Combat Mothership may actually commemorate the long lost flying fortress idea. It's said that the Goukaigers will appear in the scheduled crossover of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. The idea that they will also travel from one world after the other, is almost reminding me of other non-Sentai series like Koseidon or the Tatsunoko anime series Time Boukan and the pirate theme from One Piece. Hopefully it wouldn't be like Decade in terms of plot quality otherwise Sentai will get into a really big dork age already!

I wonder where this photo came from. It seems kind of real though. Eri as usual looks funny. :-P Maybe I should hang out for awhile with Goseiger because Eri's so cute and funny!

So far, I think the writers are hoping to liven up the series.


  1. No, no, sean, I put that Gundam shield because Dukemon22 said the belt buckles kind of look like that.

  2. Pirate Sentai? This should be interesting.

  3. @Lavender Ranger- Thanks.

    @DancingAlienDude- I agree. By the way, I hope Saban skips Goseiger to adapt a pirate-themed PR.

  4. I'm really not sold on the Pirate motif. I like a lot of pirate movies but I don't think pirates are a good fit for Sentai. But then again, we don't know how it will turn out until it actually airs.

  5. i dont think they will have to adapt goseiger and wait for the next sentai after the pirate sentai because it will crossing other sentai worlds and rumors saying that they will have the original aoranger appearing in this series

  6. i wished we get decade version sentai or sentai version were there are 3 sentai warriors where they each get 3 mecha each for example red air 3 mecha revolving around air , blue water 3 mecha with water , yellow ground same thing and their mechas combine to make seperate robo fighters

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  8. The footage of Daigoyou with the Goseigers was shown after one of the VS movies in the 6.30am timeslot. It was used to promote the Shinkenger Returns movie.


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