Natsuki Mamiya the Last Lemurian

Hmmm... really bad of men never to think of giving this rather interesting character a spotlight. So where do I begin? So okay, she was just some woman found in the rubble by Inou Masumi who had no memory of her past and was dubbed as Natsuki Mamiya so she could fit in the present society. As someone who has no past experiences, she is the most childish of the Boukenger team and can be a frequent source of irritation to the more serious members. She is overly energetic and optimistic towards life compared to the rest. She has a brotherly relationship with Souta Megumi which can at times, annoy Inou Masumi who also acts like a big brother to her who can get mighty overprotective of her. She also had a special sisterly relationship with Sakura Nishihori, who was at first her opposite in terms of personality.

What made her unique was that she had some foreseeing ability, which puts her aside from the rest of the team as someone who had special powers out of suit until Eiji Takaoka came into action. She of course was always in that dilemma of wanting to know her past, even to the point of conversing with a Jaryuu soldier. She was just the team baby until different bits and pieces of who she was were assembled. The first clue was her necklace which soon enough, the Ashu demons Gai and Rei would figure out who she was. Her blood was important to releasing the army of Ashu demons from the Beast Mirror. Again, her identity remained in mystery until later in the series. Before that, she was given a false history by the Dark Shadow in hopes of using her against her own team.

She was also known to keep her promises like when she made a promise to take care of the doll from Kazuko, who would later figure out partly who she was. Later on in Task 33 up to 34, it would focus on her true identity as a Lemurian in which the Questers Gai and Rei together with Ryuon exploited her to use the Sun of Lemuria, even if it costs her life. That episode also showed her relationship with Inou Masumi who didn't care who she was but Natsuki is Natsuki. She discovered after she was broken from her spell that all her parents wanted her was to live happy, in contrast to the lies that Gai and Rei told her. It was also there we discovered her birth name is Lilina. At that point, Zubaan had also become allies with her because they were both Lemurian, which continued in the final episode's epilogue.

So it would also come to this that she would play an essential part in restoring Inou Masumi back to his senses, which happened in the near finale when she reminded him of their mission and that he has conquered the darkness.


  1. Nice post. Natsuki is one of my favorite Yellow Rangers in Sentai.


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