Perhaps Super Sentai's Greatest Lesson: NEVER Imitate What You See on TV

Hmmm in Super Sentai, there are actually REAL consequences that happen. For example we have:

In Bioman episodes 35-36, Yatori tries to imitate the moves of the Biomen to his own disadvantage.

In Maskman episode 38, we see a younger Takeru trying to imitate a henshin and nearly broke his bones.

Also wounds and scars are more visible than they are in Power Rangers. In Super Sentai, fights usually show the consequences, to the point of bleeding and...

Not to mention injury caused in battle and accidents. Some Sentai rangers go as far as to even get broken bones (ex. Kasumi in Fiveman broke her arm), to being heavily bandaged (like Satoru Akashi above and Eiji Takaoka) to even...

Deaths of the good guys. Naoto Takizawa's death at the hands of a zenitto while out of suit proves even lowly scuds can kill the best cops. Children are shown why they shouldn't be playing with deadly weapons.