Rangers Who Never Wore Even A Shade of Their Respective Colors On Their Clothes

It has come to my mind some of Sentai's rangers in the past who never wore a shade of their color code in their civilian clothes. They are:

In Goranger, we have Akira Shinmei and Peggy Matsumaya.

In Battle Fever J we have Den Masao (Battle Japan), Kyousuke Shida (Battle France), Shirou Akenobu (Battle Kenya) and Jin Makoto (Battle Cossack 2).

In Bioman we have Gou Shirou (Red One) and Mika Koizumi (Yellow 4 1). I find it weird also that Mika Koizumi though she was a yellow ranger, kept wearing red but died in her yellow suit.

In Jetman we have Gai Yuki never wore black clothes nor any clothes with a shade of black. I wish he did.

Okay I could be wrong because my memory is crammed from watching too much Chinese movies as of late. Missing any? Let me know! Hee hee! :-P


  1. Actually, Bunta Daichi wore green later in the series, and ditched the ascot. Usually the megarangers wore their school uniforms most of the time, and I recall Chisato wearing a redish/pink outfit. In carranger, Natsumi was mostly seen in a red jumpsuit. Naoki wore a black and gold shirt most of the time as well. In Liveman, Red Falcon wore a light green jacket later in the series, and looked like a cop from Miami Vice. In Denjiman, Akira Momoi wore a blue outfit early in the series, but changed into a pink outfit later. In Changeman and Ohranger, you mostly saw the team in their uniforms, which weren't color coded.

  2. Yuri from Timeranger maybe

  3. About Guy Yuuki - Jetman Black Condor ...His Combination of clothes ay ginaya ko din ngayon sa Opisina:-)

  4. Yuki Gai did wore a black suit but only once for a single episode. It is in episode 39 where he gambled with Grey
    (and yes we knew Gai, he definitely cheated to win! lol XD) to save his comrades.


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