The Rivalry of Gaja and Ryuon

In Boukenger, if there were any two of the Negative Syndicates who fought each other more often, it was with Gaja and Ryuon. Their rivalry began in Task 2 when Ryuon was after the Gordom brain, but Gaja being a sneaky wizard always had something on his sleeve. He trapped Ryuon and thus began their hostilities. Of course, the hostilities are never without a price as whenever the two met, it was ALWAYS involving treachery.

So what's the deal? Gaja had a sharp, sarcastic attitude like Tranza and Ryuon, well he was a major Sentai SOB like Radiguet (but to a lesser extent), which he was always more cruel. Gaja was more on the manipulative, sarcastic side while Ryuon was revenge-obsessed. Both villains were insane nonetheless. Ryuon like Radiguet always held a deeper grudge. So they did work together in Tasks 10-11 but Gaja managed to steal the secret of Leon Giordana's engine for himself, which of course angers Ryuon. Think like how Tranza managed to sneak a piece of Meteorite BEM into the Jetman headquarters without Radiguet knowing it!

To be saved, Gaja offers Ryuon another map in Task 21. That of course, didn't call their rivalry of. They were always in competition to who gets the world. They fell into another temporary alliance that was with the Questers in Task 41, only to be betrayed. Prior to that, Gaja turned the Ashu warriors Gai and Rei into the Questers with the Gordom Engine. Also in Tasks 33-34, Ryuon teamed up with the Questers as they were all that sadistic.

However the rivalry ended with neither destroying the other. Ryuon turned out to be that his body can't take any more of the power surges, which he sought to strengthen his body. On the other hand, Gaja empowered himself with the power of the Gordom engines into his system, which gave him an edge. Instead, Ryuon was defeated by Satoru Akashi and presumably died in the explosion of the Precious Warehouse and Gaja, well he's defeated but still alive, forced to return back to his hibernation state as he may be undead.