Sentai and Dubbing Name Changes

I could remember that in Super Sentai dubbing (as well as other Tokusatsu, Anime and my favorite evening Chinese soap operas) have name changes. I could remember some of these series had some name changes in dubbing which are:

Goggle V had the following name changes in the dub:
  • Fuehrer Taboo- Totopama
Bioman had the following name changes in dub:
  • Gou Shirou/Red One- Kenny
  • Shingo Takasugi/Green Two- Sammy
  • Ryuuta Nambara/Blue Three- Frankie
  • Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four 1- Casey (good thing they didn't name her Trini)
  • Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five- Kimberly (weird huh?)
  • Junichi Kageyama- Sonny O Hara
  • Hideo Kageyama (Dr. Man's real name)- Michael O' Hara
  • Dr. Shibata- Dr. Shishiro
  • Monster- Vargo
  • Messerjuu- Falconoid
  • Juuoh- Zeroid
  • Mettzer- Plasmanoid
  • Aquagaiger- Aquanoid
  • New Empire Gear- Neo Empire
  • Balzion- Bio Destroyer
Maskman had the following name changes:
  • Takeru- Michael Joe
  • Kenta- Leonard
  • Akira- Adrian
  • Haruka- Eloisa
  • Momoko- Mary Rose (dub name speaks for herself)
  • Sanjoru Sugata- Samuel Sugata
  • Anagubas- Arabus
  • Oyobur- Vulco
  • Baraba- Dargan
Turboranger had the following name changes in dub: (sadly didn't last long :-( )
  • Junichi- Junie
  • Youhei- Ian
  • Shunsuke- Roddie
  • Haruka- Karina
  • Zulten- Darkan
  • Yamimaru- Barbarian
  • Kirika- Amazon
  • Monsters carried the prefix Destro instead of the suffix bouma
Fiveman had the following name changes in dub:
  • Gaku- Manabu
Jetman had the following name changes in the dub:
  • White Swan was called as Pink Swan, all names remained the same
Looking at these, I am thinking about whether or not changing the names can be good or bad. Here's another analysis:

  • Easier names to remember depending on the location. For example, Filipino children remember the name Michael Joe over Takeru during the time Maskman aired. They only knew the name Takeru when they grew up. In America, American-English names will suit Sentai dubs like for example, changing Mako's name to Mary.
  • Some feel it's murdering the script.
  • Confusion with Japanese fans in a forum.