Sentai's One Shot Rangers

Super Sentai had some one shot rangers that appeared. They are:

I wonder if Yatori in Bioman counts. Maybe not. You decide.

Ryo Asoka/X1 Mask- He only appeared in episode 39. He was the prototype Maskman. However I don't count him as the first sixth ranger but just another ally. I kind of thought that his one-shot existence gave Super Sentai the idea to push through the creation of the sixth ranger and beyond.

Lisa Teagle/Deka Bright only appeared in episode 40. She was Tetsu's mentor with a seemingly antagonistic attitude at first. First female one-shot ranger. She was once stern and nearly emotionless until she learned that passion can be a good thing in fighting crime. IMO she is more awesome than X-1 Mask. Shows that women can be good in fighting.


  1. X-1 Mask is still a proto-6th member. It's the writers' fault that he did not make anymore appearance. He was the 1st desciple of Commander Sugata and went AWOL. He is also porytrayed by a Sentai Alumni Takayuki Godai who played Vul Eagle 2 and Tsuruhime's father in Kakurangers.


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