Some Kamen Rider Influences on Super Sentai

Kamen Rider seems to influence Super Sentai to a certain extent. Like how? Well here are some:

In some series, men wore jackets and rode motorcycles like the Kamen Riders in civilian form. Clearly proof Toei is porting ideas between franchises.

One may also observe that both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai have Anime hairstyles as of present.

Bioman's Peebo looks like a Kamen Rider (crossed with C3P0) except he's a robot.

The monsters are just obvious. For example, the Destron monsters apparently influenced both Dynaman and Jetman primarily and other series secondarily. Animal-based monsters are the most common. Well if I elaborated this, it'll be too long an article.

Boukenger's Gaja in some way, IMO seems to have some shapely resemblances to the Great Leader of Kamen Rider (the pointed hat anyone) in the very first series aside from the Fuhrer of Goranger. Also the name Gordom may be a tribute to the name GORGOM in Kamen Rider Black.

The Questers kind of look like Kamen Riders themselves than they do with Sentai mecha IMO.

The Goseigers use Gosei Cards, similar to Kamen Rider Ryuki. Even the henshin devices are kind of similar.

Gosei Knight in Goseiger looks so much Kamen Rider to me.