Super Sentai's Hunky Muscled Males

Power Rangers wasn't the only franchise with really muscular men. Well there were some hunky muscled males in Super Sentai. Here are they:

Ryou of Dairanger was among a few Sentai males to have really big muscles and be that good looking. He fought topless in episode 27 and was topless in episode 47. By judging at his build, I think he can definitely beat other red rangers in an out of suit combat IMO. Also, I think he can definitely beat Cole Evans in hand-to-hand combat both out of suit too even if his muscles are not that big being a certified true martial artist.

Tetsu Aira was one of those few Sentai males who had really big muscles. I felt like he really beats Tommy Oliver off the scale. Oh yeah, I felt like Jasmine Reimon should have been the one to have gotten that unfortunate incident above.

Gou Fukami of Gekiranger also has huge muscles. He was featured topless in Lesson 24. However he's not as good looking as the Jungle Fury hunks.

Takeru Shiba of Shinkenger IMO is hotter than Takeru of Maskman. He's really that hunky. He was featured topless in Act 18.

However in actual comparison, these guys don't have that much developed muscles as the Power Rangers hunks. I wonder why Super Sentai doesn't have much of body builders in the cast?

Can't believe I'm actually writing this being a straight guy! Missed any? Let me know!

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  1. Do not forget Saturo Akashi/Bouken Red. His actor, Mitsuomi Takahashi, was a former rugby player.

  2. Basically, any male character who appeared after Timeranger is gonna be pretty popular in terms of looks. xD Any male before Gaoranger will depend on the fan. The oldest male characters from Sentai whom I've heard get compliments for looks is Goggle Black and Goggle Blue. Both from Goggle V. I've also heard people compliment Big One from JAKQ for his looks. Even in Gaoranger vs SS!

  3. You seem to have the idea that all women want really muscular guys and so most Sentai heroes aren't as attractive as the ones in PR. I think you're mistaken there ;)

    What about ShinkenRed? Tori Matsuzaka has muscles - well compared to the rest of the cast he does

  4. ive always like ryuranger from Dairanger. he's pretty hunky IMO

  5. I thought Takeru/Shinkenred was more handsome out of most Sentai men. However, I found him to be too skinny compared to most Power Rangers men.

    Don't worry, lol. I'm perfectly straight myself and yet I find some men to be good-looking.

  6. nice entry. I also find Ikkou of Hurricanger to be hunky and with a good side facial profile. seeing him topless in hurricanger is... heaven. hahaha! :D

  7. Japanese (and Korean) people seem does not really fond with muscled actors. They love skinny but "pretty" actors. Meanwhile, the western community identified hunk as a six packed men and bulging muscles.

  8. Ryou was also topless in Episode 35 where he lost to Jin's Dance of the Spider technique(spider attacking when you're not calm).


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