Types of Sentai Target Audience

Hmmm... this just crossed my mind as of recent. Types of Sentai audience:

Children happen to be primary audience. When a Sentai show doesn't get popular to children that much, the next Sentai ends up being dumb down to the extent even violence and suggestiveness is lowered. This is also where most fanboy wars start.

If not, there were also teenagers. There are male fans and female fans. I believe mostly male fans because of the lovely girls. :-P There are Sentai female fans too but it's kinda limited.

The young adults. Well I'm one of them. For me, it's harder to outgrow Super Sentai than Power Rangers.

And maybe parents. Well, they have to watch TV with their children don't they before they injure themselves. :-P

And maybe it has also as of late, targeted Americans too with the same target market above. 2000s Sentai seems to appeal to Power Rangers fans more than older Super Sentai. I agree. Most Super Sentai series today are kind of watered down to a certain level. Apparently there are White Americans and Asian Americans who watch this blog. So do they include the old cast of MMPR? Hee hee hee.