Bad Times For the Goseigers

Well the Goseigers are in for tough times. Why? Here's what's going on...

It is revealed that Master Head is gone so a new Heaven's Tower can't be built. The Gosei Ultimate was the cause so they can defeat Makuin (a second time) who was aided by Kinggon. Just imagine an off-line Zordon.

Plus the Mantrinitis Empire has arrived. Robogogu and Metal-A of the Agent are the new threat after Yuumaju. Looks like I won't leave Goseiger after all. Are these guys related to Baranoia? Joke.


  1. yea it got interesting by the previous episode, but these villians are already reminding me of yamajuu because they were defeated by the angels before and the leader reminds me of a mix of makuin and kinggon with being smart and looking very strong, also alice looks like an interesting character, but what i say so far from her she barely gets my attention, i am liking what is happening with gosei knight though the next episode looks good

  2. Robogogu is Buredoran. I can feel it.

  3. i have fealing that she was one human


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