My Categories of Super Sentai Fans

I was inspired by Lavender Ranger's entry on Power Rangers fans types, now I'll write on what I think exists as Super Sentai fans' list:

"Way stuck to the 80s Super Sentai fans" as they don't enjoy anything beyond Turboranger.

"Way too 90s Super Sentai fans" are those who only enjoyed the 90s Sentai. That means it's from Fiveman to Go Go V which are both sibling teams.

There are the "Don't know about post-Jetman Super Sentai fans". Sadly there are some who think that Power Rangers is not an adaptation but an American original production inspired by a Japanese franchise. It's a common misconception during the 90s by some especially Filipinos who saw MMPR after Jetman.

"The millenial Super Sentai fans" may categorize the younger viewers of today. Many of them don't know the past Super Sentai their parents and older siblings watched.

"The Power Rangers-Super Sentai fans". These are the groups that watch both series. Sub-category are those who like Power Rangers more, like Super Sentai more and those who like both equally. These try to keep peace in the fandoms.

"The it's all Power Rangers to me fans" are Super Sentai fans who may have purposely deleted the word Super Sentai in their thinking or don't know the word and they call Super Sentai as the Japanese Power Rangers and the original Power Rangers. They call Power Rangers as the American adaptation version of Power Rangers. I find it funny just how these types exist. Some people of my age exist in this bracket. These also try to keep peace in the fandom but just can't accept the term Super Sentai that easily.

"Just in for the girls Super Sentai fans" are those who watch Super Sentai because of the hot girls. Can't help but use Ryu Tendo's picture above. :-P

"The Power Ranger harsh critic as a Super Sentai fan" would be likened to Tanba in fierce loyalty and in being annoying. These fans treat Power Rangers as "shadow warrior Takeru" and Super Sentai as the "true 18th head of the Shiba House" in the way Tanba does. Some of them are former Power Rangers fans and end up transferring to Super Sentai because of what they see as better quality. They are pretty over-defensive and should be hit by a fan by Kaoru Shiba. Many of these are children.

"The fans of Tokusatsu too type of Super Sentai fans" are those who watch almost every form of tokusatsu. I also watched Kamen Rider (but not much of a fan) and some Metal Hero shows. I used Tetsuo Kurata's picture above since he was part of my tokusatsu viewing when I was little, back when I liked Kamen Rider.

"The Super Sentai as my favorite tokusatsu purist fans" don't like other forms of Tokusatsu except Super Sentai. Some of them watch other forms of entertainment outside Tokusatsu but not other forms of Tokusatsu.


  1. as a matter of fact,i can be describe as a "Tokusatsu Lover" but more into kamen rider & co. than super sentai altough i was grown up in Maskman & Flashman era~and u can also list down one more type of fans such as "Fans who so much into Japan culture"the one who really fanatics for everything that came out from Japan.

  2. im the toku fan, i love kamen rider soo dang much, i find them better then sentai series because they actually have plots, sentai is still good, but i would like a little more plot at times


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