Sentai Heroines Who Became Fake Brides

Super Sentai had some of its heroines fake brides to foil an enemy scheme involving ruining marriages. Here they are:

Peggy Matsumaya- I forgot which one. I was too young. Hee hee.

Rei Tachibana pretended to be a bride to trap Frog Shinka and fool her rival Princess Chimera.

Haruna Morikawa was unofficially married to Riki Honoo to stop Sigh Bouma. It couldn't be validated as legal because they were still teenagers. :-P Well no ceremony took place either.

Ako Hayasaka is unofficially married to Gai Yuuki to trap Vacuum Jigen. This was just funny. No the funniest IMO. During this time, Gai Yuuki could be guilty of corrupting minors when he wanted to kiss her. LOL. Reminds me of the dilemma I'm in right now.

Mako Shiraishi is unofficially married to Takeru Shiba to stop a Gedoushu activity of wrecking marriages. But it wasn't that funny though. It was done at the beginning instead and I admit, it was a pretty lovely ceremony. I wonder if Tori Matsuzaka can be paired with Rin Takanashi for TV drama?

Gai Ikari and Ahim de Famille supposedly got married in Gokaiger 29, one episode after Toshihide Wakamatsu guest starred as Gai Yuki's ghost.  However there aren't any more hints between the two as Ahim apparently has more chemistry with Joe Gibken.

Missing any? Let me know!


  1. Just because you ship something doesn't mean the couple are "unofficially married." Either they are or they're not, and all of these were NOT.

    What about GaoBlack? He made a very lovely bride ;)

  2. Ryunosuke also pretended to be a bride.

  3. Just in case you didn't notice, I'm talking about Sentai heroines. :-P

  4. They were heroines while they were in a skirt :)


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