Sentai Men Who Cross-dressed As Females

Here are Sentai men who cross-dressed.

Banba Souchirou/Big One- He dressed up as an old woman once.

Gou Shirou- He dressed up as an old woman during the time Monster and Juuoh were causing trouble with deadly footballs that sprouted killer vines.

Raita Ooshi/Yellow Owl- In order to stop Voice Jigen who was after female voices, he dressed up as a woman which destroyed the spell of voice stealing.

Shouhei Yukaichi/Oh Green- He dressed up as a woman for an undercover disguise in episode 43.

Nagare Tatsumi/Gogo Blue- He dressed as a woman in episode 16 for an undercover mission.

Soutaro Ishigome/Gao Black- He dressed up as a bride to fool Wedding Dress Org.

Tetsu Aira/Deka Break- He dressed did it when Hoji Tomasu fought Jiva. In the movie, he worked together with Hikaru/Magishine in a cross-dressing scheme to recover Jasmine Reimon and Urara Ozu. He's the second white ranger to cross-dress.

Hikaru/Magishine- In the movie Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, he dressed up as a woman with Tetsu Aira to save Urara Ozu and Jasmine Reimon. He never cross-dressed in the regular series.

In Boukenger, the boys cross-dressed. The first time they did was in Natsuki Mamiya's imagination (save Eiji Takaoka) and during the Prometheus stone episode, they dressed up as women to make the Prometheus stone (who was sentient) laugh.

Ken Hisatsu/Geki Chopper- He dressed up as a boy's mother to cheer him up.

Sosuke Inami/Go-on Red- He cross-dressed as an old lady. He's also the second red ranger to cross-dress for an actual mission.

Hanto Jou/Go-on Green- He dressed up like a woman. I forgot when. Help me!

Ryunosuke Ikenami/Shinken Blue- He dressed up as a bride once to fool the Gedoushu. I guess that incident caused a Takeru-Ryunosuke fan pairing which I won't be a fan of.


  1. Erm...

    Didn't Ikenami Ryuunosuke (Shinken Blue) cross-dress as a bride once?

  2. Shouhei dressed up as a woman in a kimono in ep 43 of Ohranger as an undercover disguise.

    Nagare also dressed up as a woman for an undercover mission in ep 16 of GoGoFive.

    Ken dressed up as that boy's mother in the Christmas ep of Gekiranger.

    awesome list Sean ;)

  3. Banba (Big one) dressed up as an old lady in one episode of JAKQ.

    Ryuu dressed up as a bride in shinkenger. And the shinken boys were really shinken girls in Kotoha's portion of the V-cinema. They reminded me of Monty Python in drag so much, Chiaki being very effiminate, while Takeru looked like a femme fatele, and Genta and Ryuu looked just plain hilarious.

  4. What about Sousuke? He cross-dressed as an old lady in one episode. xD I can't remember which episode, though.

  5. Oh by the way, during Natsuki's 'imagining Cinderella' sequence, all boys (minus Eiji, I think) dressed up as Cinderella's evil stepmother and stepsisters (while Sakura is the Prince...)

  6. what about hanto he cross dressed as a women remember?

  7. Tetsu dressed up during Hoji's fight with Jiva, not Jeanio

  8. Hanto cross-dressed when he met Osen-san.. and I forgot the episode.. xO

    He cross-dressed because he's seen a picture of Osen-san's "grandaughter" that died. And to cheer her up, he cross-dressed. xD

  9. hanto cross dressed in ep 27

  10. Hanto also cross dressed for his first job as a tranviste maid, lol it was in the questionary part of go onger the things after the ending theme

  11. Actually, all the boys in Go-onger have been cross-dressed as a girl. There was 1 episode where the boys were frozen and the girls dressed them up as female manequins to trick the monster. I forgot what episode it was, though.

  12. You forgot Yukito Sanjyou, he dressed as a school girl with his futuro wife (Emiri) when the other abaranger were sent to another dimmension


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