Sentai Mentors with Personal Assistants

I was inspired by Lavender Ranger's similar entry to make this. Unlike other mentors who didn't have a personal assistant with them, here are those who did:

Sanjoru Sugata was assisted by Azuma.

Dr. Kyutaro Yumeno was assisted by the Kendo Robot until it got destroyed in episode 37.

Dr. Dazai was assisted by the fairy Shilon who he can't see without his special gadget.

Wisdom Tree Moak was assisted by the fairy Bokku. A tree Zordon anyone?

Mugunsei Hinata was assisted by his daughter Oboro Hinata.

Dekaranger had Doggie Kruger and Swan in the commander-assistant relationship. It's hinted they're a couple even if they're from different planets.

Mr. Voice was assisted by the wacky scientist Morio Makino. However he himself turned out to be created as Leona Giordana as a computer program, who he is subservient to. In reality, Leona Giordana runs things behind the scenes using Mr. Voice.

Shafu was assisted by Miki Masaki.

Master Head is assisted by the robot Datas although he doesn't appear often.