Sentai Rangers Who Made the Mistake of Getting Blinded by Revenge

Here are some Sentai heroes/heroines who got blinded by revenge. They are as I can remember:

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- After seeing his beloved Rie Aoi die, he swore revenge against his personal nemesis Radiguet which nearly got him killed.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- Before becoming a Zyuranger, he was driven by his desire for revenge against his younger brother Geki to avenge their father's death.  However he overcame it and redeemed himself in the end.

Ryou/Ryuuranger- He got blinded by revenge against Demon Boxer Jin.

Bullblack- Before his powers were passed to Hyuga, he was consumed by revenge against Balban.  He wanted to grab the Lights of Ginga by any means necessary to achieve his goal.  Only when his little brother's spirit came to him did he realize he was wrong.  He sacrificed himself which allowed Hyuga to become the second Bullblack.

Yuuri/Time Pink- She sought revenge against Don Dolnero for killing her family.  In the end, she got so upset to see Dolnero die.

Shirogane/Gaosilver- He got blinded by revenge against Ura, which in turn would only feed the Loki mask more.

Inou Masumi/Bouken Black- He was driven by revenge ever since Yaiba of the Darkness tried to harness his inner darkness, which in turn awakened it.  This is my favorite revenge plot considering the backstory behind it.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver- He at first only thought of chasing the Ashu as revenge for his father until he realized that there was more to life than just personal vendettas.


  1. Yuuri from Timeranger might fit in this list.

    And definitely every character from Liveman.

    Nice list. ;)

  2. Yuuri in Timeranger sought revenge against the Londarz family for murdering her family.

    Pretty much the whole plot of Liveman was seeking revenge against Dr. Kemp, Dr. Mazenda, and Gou (Dr. Obular) for killing their friends, and then killing pretty much the whole school two years later. However, it didn't seriously blind them. We later discover that there is some good inside of each one of the three former students (not the liveman, the other three students :P).

    Flashman and Fiveman (two of my favorites) had minor themes of revenge. The Mess abducted the Flashmen to use as experiments and test subjects. However, the Flashmen were saved by the Flash system, and each raised to train on harsh planets. They finally come back to Earth, seeking vengeance against the Mess but also, in a way, they are pretty peeved at the Flash-ians for putting them on harsh planets as part of "training" them. However, they aren't blinded by it, as it becomes a driving force to defeat the Mess.

    The Fiveman siblings' parents were supposedly killed by the villains, and the Fivemen sought to avenge them. But once again, it didn't corrupt them, and became a driving force.

    I would love to see a Sentai character go to Hamlet-like proportions for revenge.


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