Sentai Villains That Didn't Die After Their Final Battles

Here are some villains despite being defeated in their final battles:

Emperor Tranza despite being hit by the Fire Bazooka by the Jetmen survived. He ended up in a mental hospital in the canon.

Whether Radiguet or not is in the list is unknown. Some assume he became a thug at the end of the series, the very same thug that mugged Gai Yuuki.

The Bandora Gang was simply resealed by Daizyujin after their final battle with the Zyurangers. It happened when Bandora shed a tear for her son Kai.

The Kakurangers simply resealed Daimaou inside the Apparition Doors in the final episode rather than destroy him.

Gajah the High Priest after being defeated by the Boukengers in giant battle ended up getting put to rest with the Gordom Island. He wasn't killed.

Long was simply turned back into a ball by Jan, Ran and Retsu in the final episode of Gekiranger.


  1. There's also Lila and the all of the Dark Shadow clan except for Yaiba.

  2. @Mr. Smith- I didn't include them in the list because they didn't fight a final battle with the rangers. Lila just escaped. Shizuka and Gekkou didn't fight the rangers for the last time and survived. I hope you understand.

  3. Ryuon did die. He was killed in the explosion.


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