Sentai Villains that Didn't Die At the Hands of the Rangers

Here are the villains that didn't die at the hands of the rangers. They are as far as I can remember:

Salome (right) was killed when Satan Egos enlarged for the final battle.

Igaana and Zazoriya were vaporized by Deathmark in episode 15 for their incompetence.

Mazurka died in episode 49 when she was used as a living bomb by her close partner Deathgiller attached her with a bomb bracelet. When her life force was drained, she blew up but not without attempting to kill Deathgiller with her. I personally thought this is one bad way to break up with your partner.

Also, Zenobia died at her own conceit when she developed the tenth tail via the retro gene which Megiddo actually poisoned the mixture.  Talk about imperial drama!

Emperor Aton was killed by his son Prince Megiddo.  Quite a fitting end to be killed by the son he mistreated a lot.

Mason was killed by the Bio Hunter Silver in Bioman episode 50 after his duel with Gou Shirou/Red One in which he escaped to claim Balzion for himself.  I found his battle with Silver just quite epic.

In the final episode, Doctorman self-destructed so the Neo Bomb can be stopped after being prodded by his son Junichi and the Biomen. Prior to that, he was already severely injured after King Megas was defeated.

Ahames died as a suicide bomber in her insanity, taking the EDS base of the Changemen in the process when Bazoo wouldn't restore her to power.  Although she was a real menace (she'd really stand a chance against the Megarangers and Gingamen if she were to fight them).

Sir Kaura didn't die in his final battle with Red Flash, rather he died making one last attempt to kill Keflen which destroyed Keflen's laboratory.

Kiros was killed in the cave when he attempted to revive Ial from her ice coffin. He got impaled by an icicle at a vital organ, killing him.  Quite a death that shows karma comes to them.

Fuumin died defending Princess Igam in the last episode as her last act of loyalty when the Maskmen invaded the underground castle.

Oyobur- He was killed when he decided to follow Zeba's final command to die as he has undying loyalty to the emperor.  He died during the explosion of the underground kingdom.  Kinda stupid if you ask me but if I were a villain, I'd keep him around until I find a good way to get rid of him.

Dr. Bias died aboard the exploding ship together with his sidekick Gash. His officers died on their own.  Guidos died from extreme damage of overusing his power, Dr. Bias killed Butchy   Dr. Ashura died from doing a kamikaze attack to make up for his sins.  Mazenda died from too much damage.

Dongoros and Garoa died aboard an exploding Vulgyre after the Fivemen used the Sidon flowers on their master to weaken him prior to destroying him. Dongoros was trapped in the middle of burning dolyen bills as a victim of his greed. Garoa was trapped inside the real Meadow's coffin during the events.  Both were idiots and yet they were the last to die among the underlings.

Juuza was murdered by her underling Radiguet after she was defeated by the Jetmen.

Maria was killed by her lover Radiguet when she could no longer be his, as she reverted back to her true self and tried to kill Radiguet by herself.

General Tenpou was killed by Shaddam after he discovered the secret that Gorma XV was using a clay body.

Gorma XV was killed by Shaddam by taking away the Earthshaking crystal which soon destroyed his clay body, this time killing him for good.

Empress Hysteria died in the final episode by self-destructing to take the place of her grandson Buldont Jr.

Javious was killed when the Nejirangers were killed, something Dr. Hinelar planned all along.

Don Dinero was killed by a malfunctioning Gien. Before he died, he met with Tatsuya/Time Red and Yuuri/Time Pink.  That scene was really too powerful to ignore.

Tsuetsue and Yaba-iba were buried at the matrix after the defeat of Senki.  Tsuetsue was later revived only to be merged with Meemy and Furaibijou.

Sargain was killed by Sandaaru after his final robot was defeated. It was because he used the Raging Arrow and it fell on the Hurricangers' hands.

Kitanedes and Kegaleshia were killed by their master Yogoschtein in Grand Prix 49 after finding them useless.

Dayu was absorbed by Doukoku after she was defeated by Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink in their final battle.


  1. Sean, spelling error. :P It's Kitanedas and Yogoschtein.


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