Sentai Villains that Died But Not By Exploding in Their Final Combat

There were some Sentai villains that didn't die by blowing up at the end of their final combat. Here they are as I can remember:

Kaura in Flashman didn't die by blowing up. He sacrificed himself against Lee Keflen as a noble act of repayment of honor.

Kiros in Maskman died from being impaled with a huge icicle while attempting to revive Ial. I wish the Maskmen just killed him with the Jet Cannon instead.

After being defeated by Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red, Chevalier didn't explode. Instead he fell down lifeless before Vulgyre absorbed him for the final battle.

Grey simply shut down after Gai Yuuki/Black Condor delivered the final blow.

Bandora's son Kai didn't blow up. After he was defeated while piloting Dora Talos, he dissipated in front of his mother Bandora.

Shaddam after losing the powers of the Earthshaking Jewel was defeated in a one-on-one knife duel with Ryou. His clay body unable to hold his soul any longer spelled his final demise.

Since Long can't die; Jan, Ran and Retsu ended up sealing him into a ball. This was done again in Go-onger vs. Gekiranger this time in giant battle mode.

After his battle with Takeru Shiba/Male Shinken Red, he dispersed after his ancestor's spirit was released.


  1. i remember grey's death i think the reason he didnt blow up is for his very sad death scene


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