Tetsu Aira: Breaking into Lightspeed

He's no ball of light, he's really real. Yup that's Tetsu Aira (real name Tekkan) who first appeared in episode 21. Aside from Hoji Tomasu with whom he became close friends with, he was another of the interesting sixth members. Why? Well in the academy he was orphaned at five years old (his parents died at Genio's hands) and raised by the Space Police, whoever acted as his foster parent was unknown. It have also assumed also that Lisa Teagle may have been a foster sister to him. Maybe Lisa Teagle's parents raised him or maybe Doggie Kruger himself. Who knows?

So he started to appear when the Hell's Siblings arrived on Earth. They already destroyed 79 planets and the Earth was next. He was quite distant with the Dekarangers at first, because he was used to fighting alone. However during the battle with Hell's Siblings, things started to change. He was sent to Earth to deal with them because of his expertise at the same time, the Dekarangers may not be able to deal with the new enemy. He of course gained the trademark of saying "nonsense" as well.

While he was kind of arrogant at first because of his expertise in the Justice Fist Acceleration Blow technique which is used against the deadlier criminals. So at first, he was shown to be more arrogant IMO than Banban Akaza or Hoji Tomasu. But along the way, he learned to get along with the Dekarangers and humbled himself before them. He was also essential with the Dekabike Robo which combined with the Dekaranger Robo in episode 26 to form the Super Dekaranger Robo, where he and Hoji Tomasu learned a lot from each other.

However he wasn't that powerful either that is especially in episode 32 when he got caught by Sanoa together with Doggie Kruger. It was that episode also that the Dekarangers return the favor of pulling them away from hard situations. He was never given the SWAT armor for some reason, which I believe had to do with him being an additional member, or perhaps he was too powerful. Anyway, I was able to accept that he wasn't able to use SWAT.

I liked how he was involved in the final battle. He was in fact in a daring situation where when his Dekabike Robo kamikazee attack didn't work against the now occupied by Abrella, Dekabase Robo, he piloted the Dekawing Robo to hold back Abrera until the rangers kicked out the Alienizers from the base. He did join with them in the final battle and helped eliminate Abrella's teammates before their final victory.

In Dekaranger vs. Magiranger, he seemed to have a chemistry with Jasmine Reimon although its not officially canon, like the vs. movies are left to fandom imagination. But it seems he did though IMO. In Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, he was popular enough to make a comeback as one of the selected heroes to help defeat Chronus.


  1. I'm a big fan of DekaBreak. You did neglect to mention that his real name is Tekkan, and I don't think you mentioned his fondness for calling out nonsense. :D

    I kind of wish they'd have given him SWAT armor, but like you I can accept that they didn't. I always thought that his roman numeral number and the fact that he was Tokkukyou meant he was like FBI to Deka's Police. I also thought maybe if anyone rased him it might have been Numa-O, but I like your idea that it may have been Lisa.

  2. Hah? Tetsu and Jasmine? Nonsense! What kind of chemistry are you talking about? Before Ban was in Fire Squad, he shared Jasmine's seat, so when Tetsu replaced Ban's place, obviously he replaced Jasmine on that, and since Ban X Jasmine isn't a couple yet, obviously the same applies to Tetsu and Jasmine. And, uh, when Tetsu broke down after Jasmine followed Urara and got caught, he'd do the same if it's Umeko, Sen, Houji or Ban who did it. Because they're friends. And uh... so were you thinking since Hikaru was Urara's future bridegroom and he dressed on a drag to save her; Tetsu and Jasmine is a pairing because Tetsu dressed on a drag to save her? Well... I think it's not because he liked her and all; Tetsu doesn't volunteer to save her when Sen found out that they need someone in a drag to rescue them, when the truth dawned, everyone's eyes were on Tetsu, because he's the one who can pull it off just fine. And Hikaru got picked because he had the same physique.

    So yeah, nice article about Tetsu, but I don't think he and Jasmine is a pair. I did make a pairing post on Dekaranger back then, but, I just think that so little 'relationship' instantly becoming chemistry without some flirting or stuffs like what happened between Sen and Umeko is just... *waves finger* Nonsense.

    Sorry if I talk like Tetsu a lot.

  3. I agree with ChrisX - the thing about Tetsu cross-dressing was an ongoing joke, he did that at least twice in the series so he'd be the obvious choice to dress up as a girl to rescue Jasmine. Can you imagine Hoji agreeing to put on a dress?


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