Final Villains Who Destroyed Mecha Before They Died

Here are some villains that managed to destroy mecha before their deaths. They are:

Emperor Vulgyre- In the finale, not even the Max Magma was a match for him. He was however defeated by the Super Five Robo when he was weakened by the Sidon flowers.

Radiguet- He acquired the ultimate monster form by merging with the beast Raguem. He was practically ultra sturdy except for the wound on his back. He destroyed Tetraboy with much ease. After the Jetmen defeated him, their mecha may be beyond repair.

Emperor Exhaus- It was pretty cool to see him destroy all the mecha of the Carrangers before he was defeated. That makes him more bad-ass than Ragorn.

Final Highness Senki- He managed to destroy the Gaorangers' mecha before he was finally destroyed. He was destroyed by the release of other Gao Animals and the resurrected Gaoranger mecha though. Ironic isn't it?

Emperor Doukoku- He managed to destroy the Shinkengers' mecha before his demise.


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