Japanese Entertainment is Pretty Overlooked and Underrated By Biases?

Okay this is really something that I'm writing about this one in a Super Sentai blog but I have a feeling that Japanese entertainment is pretty underrated. Why? I've remembered watching a LOT of American shows when I was younger, without knowing it was from a Japanese source until later, like for instance the Voltron saga (which was taken from Golion and Dairugger XV) to the Power Rangers series.

In Asia, I would like to admit that Chinese and Korean entertainment has stormed against Japanese entertainment too. So for example, in the Philippines, Super Sentai isn't that shown as much as Chinese soap operas. Like for example, we have more people watching F4 or 5566 over Japanese shows of any kind. Also in America, Chinese celebrities are more celebrated than Japanese celebrities these days. It seems Japan is getting left behind. Also, Westerners are going to China to learn basic Mandarin and more whites regardless of gender prefer Chinese mates over Japanese mates for some reason.

And here's what- I believe this statement is pretty true by Fantasy Leader:

"Unfortunately, many people really don't care for Sentai to try and expand itself outside of Japan, saying that Power Rangers is more than enough. And on an even more extreme level, certain people on Rangerboard wish to make sure that Sentai stays in Japan and to never expand from it."

These Power Rangers fans just can't appreciate the source of inspiration that is Super Sentai. Sadly, this is all generated upon biases and arrogance. Why did I include arrogance? Some people think just because they're American (or any other ethnicity) they're on top of the world. They can't see that the purpose of Power Rangers is for Toei to penetrate America and earn. Saban doesn't keep the money for himself either, he pays Toei for using the rights!

Also here's a pretty much delinquent comment about Super Sentai I found on Youtube:

"you dont know shit about power ranger was the bomb, it pissed sentai 2000 times.If sentai were so great then it would be just as or more popular, you ask any kid senati thell give you a "what you talkkin about willis" look.The U.S. invented the idea about electronics and maufactured the first home comp.Japen made it better but you dont hear me pissing on there parade bitching like you!We just did the same thing and did it better so climb out of your ass and accept Power Rangers rules."- MrCYCLOPSXMEN12330 (this guy can't spell properly, must be less than 10 when he wrote this!)

Unfortunately, people just underrate too much. And well, as said most of these are children. Here is the problem that you can REALLY face: most people DO NOT BOTHER to even watch something because of culture. For example, Power Rangers fans say a lot of bad things about Super Sentai without even watching one episode. How true indeed!

Here's the reality- before you even critic on anything, examine it first!


  1. IMO, speaking from my own personal POV, there's not many Japanese actors in America, so you like what you don't see. Yes, there are people who know about Sentai and who love Sentai, me being one of them but just like you who was raised up watching Sentai, there are PR fans that was raised up watching PR, therefore, they have a greater love for it than Sentai, regardless of the fact that Sentai is the source material. Personally, I love Sentai just as much as the next person but being raised up on PR, I am always going to stick up for it, no matter what. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way about Sentai. Currently I live in Japan, (doing study abroad), and nothing beats looking at Sentai first hand but no matter what, I'm always going to love PR at the end of the day. Now, do I find PR fans to be biased and arrogant about PR? Some of them are. I get the impression that they think that without PR, Sentai would've been never introduced to the Western public and so they take pride in this but become overzealous about the whole ordeal. You also have Sentai fans who hate PR for everything it stands for, just because it isn't Sentai and it's never going to be as "Great" as Sentai. One a personal level, I watch both shows as if they have nothing to do with each other because in actuality, they don't. They are like Yin and Yang. Totally different but share the same qualities, being Suit designs, props and sometimes story lines (carbon copy seasons *ahem*). I think both sides need to realize that you can love something but you also need to respect both. Just because you have your own reasons for not liking one or the other (I've heard all the reasons from "PR isn't mature like Sentai" or "PR is better because if it wasn't for PR, the Sentai fans would have nothing to like")doesn't mean that you should down PR or Sentai. Instead of respecting or show appreciation to Sentai because it's the source footage or to PR because Saban brought it to America, let's just respect them both because the argument is senseless. Like Yin and Yang, you can't have one without the other. PR fans need to realize that you can't have PR without Sentai footage/motif and Sentai fans need to realize that PR does exists for those who like Sentai Americanized, meaning that people like to see things that they can relate to. There's nothing wrong with that. Besides, the reason why PR will never be like Sentai is because we in America have boundaries with programming, especially when it pertains to kids. If PR became a show geared towards Adults, that would be different but it's not. Both sides should just be happy for what they have and keep the shows creativity separately. I honestly hate it when a Sentai lover says, "I'm not going to watch PR because they are screwing the whole Sentai story up" or "PR is too cheesy and it'll never be as good as Sentai." If that's the case, you watch Sentai and PR fans will watch PR, plain and simple but demeaning things isn't going to make your side seem better, it's only going to make the other side, nitpick on your side to make their side valid.

  2. well, a wise had said
    " don't ever argue with an idiot, because you will sink to their level of idiocy. when you sink to their level, they'll beat you with their experience of idiocy".


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