The Ranger Actors Who Became Shurikenger's Ten Human Forms

Okay I found Shurikenger's ten human forms a pretty weird plot twist in Hurricanger thus I was hesitant to cover it. Here are the ten human forms all of them are ranger actors:

Hayato Oshiba

Masaya Matsukake

Yuji Kishi

Yoshihiro Masujima

Toshiya Fuji

Shuhei Izumu

Ryuchiro Nishioka

Tatsuya Nomi

Masaharu Shishido

Kenji Ohba

Here's the interesting thing: Hayato Oshiba, Yuji Kishi, Toshiya Fuji, Ryuchiro Nishioka and Masaharu Shishido all acted as red rangers which is the majority. Masaya Matsukake, Yoshihiro Masujima and Kenjo Ohba all acted as blue rangers while Kenji Ohba later acted as a black ranger. Tatsuya Nomi was the only green ranger in the list. Shuhei Izumi is the only yellow ranger actor in the list. The character's real name of Asuka Kagura was never given a real face nor did we see how Shurikenger looked like prior to his giving up of his identity.


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