Sentai Headquarters or Command Centers Disguised as Normal Civilian Locations

Some Super Sentai bases were actually facades. They are:

The Gorangers operated at the bottom of Snack Gon. Nobody knew it except a few.

The Goggle V team operated under an amusement park.

The Dynamen's headquarters was just below the Yumeno Invention Center.

The Zyurangers' command center was under the Sakura Mansion.

The Dairangers' homebase looked like a typical civilian mansion.

The Pegasus Garage served as the Carrangers' headquarters.

The Megarangers had the INET company as their headquarters.

The Dino Curry house was also the Abarangers' secret base. In the left to fan's decision timeline of the VS. Series, it had other visitors too. It would be funny if Bulk, Skull and Professor Phenomenus ate here and accidentally stumbled into its deepest, darkest secrets.

The SGS Museum. It appeared to be just another museum but in reality, the Boukengers built their headquarters here underground. Bulk and Skull together with Professor Phenomenus could really be funny if they landed here.

The SCRTC in Gekiranger appears to be like a normal dojo but in reality, it's the Gekirangers' headquarters.

The Shiba house in Shinkenger looks just like your everyday house but that's where the Shinkengers really are operating.


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