Sentai Mecha With References to Transformers Robots

Thanks to a suggestion by Guyferd20, it's time to tackle on some robots with similarities to Transformers. They are:

1. These three resemble Superion, all combined by jets:

Jet Icarus from Jetman

Time Robo Alpha/Beta from Timeranger

Dekawing Robo from Dekaranger

2. We have Great Titan from Flashman which the trailer combines with the robot, similar to Ultra Magnus and Super Ginrai. It may have inspired Armada's version of Optimus Prime.

3. The following combination resembles the Transformers Decepticon combiner Menosar:

Turbo Robo from Turboranger

RV Robo from Carranger

4. The following reminded me of Predaking for their beastly combination.

Super Live Robo from Liveman

Gao King from Gaoranger

5. The Autobot Combiner Raiden reminds me of the following:

Grand Liner from Go Go V

Travelion from Magiranger

6. Siren Builder resembles the Autobot Combiner Defensor with the ambulance, police car and firetruck combination

7. Daikaioh reminds me of the Decepticon Seaclamp, which was part of the Seacon warriors that combined into Great Poseidon


  1. Thanks for posting this blog Pal! It will be another it of information for other sentai fans.

  2. Here's another one. Goukai Silver's mecha resembles Beast Wars version of Megatron which transforms into a mechanical t-rex.


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