Sentai Rangers Brought Back to Life After Death

Another strange thing in Super Sentai is that there are actually rangers who were brought back to life after they were supposedly killed. These are:

In Fiveman, Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red was killed by Chevalier who used Alligator-Toad Gin to freeze time. He was seriously injured to the point he died. However thanks to his sister/fellow ranger Kasumi's treachery, he was brought back to life.

In Zyuranger, Burai/Dragon Ranger was supposedly dead but he was resurrected by the dinosaur gods and Clotho, in the assumption that Geki would kill him and get the Zyusoken. He finally died a second time when the green candle finally used up all its wax- plus Bandora destroyed the lapseless room.

In Gaoranger, we have Gaku Washio/Gao Yellow, Kai Samezu/Gao Blue, Soutari Ishigome/Gao Black and Sae Taiga/Gao White who were killed by Ura's super form but they were brought back to life by Futaro/Gao God.

In Magiranger, Wolzard and Hikaru/Magishine were killed in episode 48 by N-Ma but were brought back to life by Nai and Mare for the final battle.

In Boukenger, Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver got turned into stone at the end of Task 40. He was restored back in Task 42.

In Go-onger, Sosuke Isumi/Go-on Red was turned into bronze in episode 35 and was later resurrected in episode 36.


  1. Miu and Hiroto didn't die in Go-Onger vs Gekiranger. They brought Rio and Mele back to life, not the other way around.

    Speaking of which, it seems that most team-ups involving a team with a dead warrior brings him/her back to life, such as Shurikenger in Abaranger vs Hurricanger, Abakiller in Dekaranger vs Abaranger, and Rio and Mele in Go-Onger vs Gekiranger.

  2. Miu and Hiroto didn't die in Grand Prix 48 either. They were simply sent into another dimension. If you consider them to have been killed then surely Go-on Green and Black were "killed" as well?

  3. @Mr. Smith and susurro- Thanks for fixing my unstable mind up again. :-P

  4. Eiji got turned to stone in a Boukenger episode.

  5. What about Wolzard (Isamu) & Magishine (Hikaru) from Magiranger? They were both killed by N.Ma back in episode 48, & then they were revived by Nai & Mare in time to help MagiMother & the other Magirangers defeat N.Ma in the last episode.

    Or even Dragonranger (Burai) from Zyuranger? Klotho revealed that he died while he was asleep as the boulders crushed him during an earthquake. Which is why Klotho set the lifespan, and Daijujin had prevailed upon her to give Burai new life (although limited because of the Green candle).


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