Sentai Rangers Who are Victims of Unrequited Love

Just after meeting somebody back in my past who resembled Gai Yuuki in character but Takeru/Red Mask in appearance, well I'm suddenly inspired to write this entry on Sentai rangers who are victims of unrequited love:

Yuusuke Amamiya/Red Falcon- He was in love with Rui Senda but she rejected him.

Gai Yuuki/Black Condor- Although any woman would easily fall for him (and I think Ako Hayasaka has a crush on him too), he had frustrated, unanswered feelings with Kaori Rokumeikan.

Kaori Rokumeikan/White Swan- She had a crush on Ryu Tendo but she didn't get any answered feelings as he still had feelings for Rie Aoi. However in the end, they ended up with each other.

Kou/Kiba Ranger- Well, for Lin to accept him when he was younger would be statutory rape so he was rejected. It's unknown whether or not he married her in the future or not.

Matsuri Tasumi- She had feelings for a guy who married her best friend.

Sai Taiga/Gao White- She had a crush on Shirogane/Gao Silver but she got brushed off a couple of times.

Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink- She had a crush on Mikoto Nadai/Abare Killer for a short time but he wasn't interested in her. It happened when she and Sen Enari had a fight.

Inou Masumi/Bouken Black- Whether or not he counts might be up to fandom. In earlier episodes of Boukenger, he had a crush on Sakura Nishihori but any apparent attempt to flirt with her only ended in rejection plus she berated him for his bad attitude. The idea wasn't taken too far though.

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink- Although she had feelings for Satoru Akashi, he was oblivious to it.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver- I wonder if he counts. He and Sakura Nishihori had hints together but, well, she wasn't interested in him that way, only as friends. I kind of liked him to be with her. :-(

Hant Jo/Go-on Green- He developed a crush on Kotoha Hanaori in the crossover movie but was rejected. Hmmm... I think ever since Carranger vs. Ohranger, the VS Universe got canon so we can just ignore Ohranger vs. Kakuranger can we? Also he had a crush on Kegalaisha too and was turned down. Well let's leave it to fanon instead.

Ryunosuke Ikenami/Shinken Blue- In Act 4, Ryunosuke had a crush on Mako Shiraishi. He was kind of annoying at first (while being more cool-headed than Takeru Shiba) so his proposal to her ended up down flat. But it did save him from future stomach cramps. He should date Kaoru Shiba instead.


  1. I wouldn't include Kaori there, since she did end up with Ryuu.

    What about:

    - GoGoPink: Had feelings for a guy who preferred her best friend, and eventually married the other girl.

    - BoukenSilver: There's more evidence that he had a crush on Sakura than that Masumi did, so effectively Sakura rejected him as well

    - Go-on Green: Tried to hit on Kotoha at the end of Shinkenger vs Go-onger, but she wasn't interested (and Gunpei called him out on it.) He also had a crush on Kegareshia, both as herself and when she was disguised as "Rena", and she turned him down too

    - BoukenPink: Fell for AbareKiller in Dekaranger vs Abaranger, he wasn't interested

    - Gaoranger hinted that White might have feelings for Silver. He gave her the brush-off a couple of times, and although they were supposed to travel together when the Orgs were defeated, in the end he went by himself

    1. When Sae told Shirogane that she'll go with him she asked him that he was blushing. Hinted that he may of like Sae back

  2. what about the red sentai warriors they never or realy get love effections from the female sentai warriors when 6th or othe male colors the red is left cold

  3. @susurro-

    That's Umeko/Deka Pink who had a crush on Abarekiller.

  4. @ Sean - I know, I meant DekaPink lol <3

    @ Levister - Are you joking? With a few notable exceptions (like Magiranger) almost all "official couples" in Sentai are Red x Pink or White. If it doesn't happen, like Shinkenger, the fans get all upset and insist it should be canon

  5. Sean, I noticed you mentioned Takeru (Red Mask) at the top. Are you going to give him a section at all?

    I also wouldn't assume that VS movies are canon. It's unnecessary, and it leaves a lot of plot holes. Like, Zyuranger, Abaranger, and Boukenger all have different histories on what happened to the dinosaurs. And that itself just conflicts each other. Maybe some of the VS movies can fit in continuity. But I highly wouldn't recommend trying to force them into canon. Remember, this isn't Power Rangers.

    Yuusuke (Red Falcon) had a crush on Mazenda. He sent her a love letter, which she rejected.

    Good list Sean ;)

  6. @Fantasy Leader-

    For Takeru/Red Mask's spotlight, click here.

    Concerning the VS movies, I wonder what's their purpose of existing if it's officially not canon and left to fan thinking? Besides, I kind of thought of it that Toei wanted viewers to use their imagination more. :-P

    Speaking of Power Rangers, I think Power Rangers RPM isn't canon so I don't think Saban will ever force RPM into PR Samurai anytime soon. And Forever Red had a LOT of plotholes too.

  7. @ Sean

    The VS Movies are not canon to the actual shows....

    but the VS Movies could pretty much be their very own canon. So it's kind of like a separate timeline. ;)

  8. @Fantasy Leader-

    Pretty much like how there are alternate universes in Marvel isn't it?

  9. @ Sean Akizuki: Watch Linkara's History of the Power Rangers: PR Wild Force Review, it would shed some light behind the scenes with Forever Red. Seriously, what's wrong with Disney and not to decide to do a Red Ranger mecha dogpile?

    Anyways, about RPM, they can ret-con it into the franchise, let's just say, Dr. K discovered SPD's time machine after the remnant of the Venjix virus (remember, at the end of RPM, a red light blinked in a morpher) decided to use it to recreate his body and go back in the time of the Samurai Rangers, which will lead to the slow formation of the Time Force Rangers.

    About the list.. it was a fun read!

  10. in dairanger episode 11, which i personally watched on DVD. shouji dated and fell in love with a girl which he met while jogging, only to find out at the end of the episode that the girl was in love with someone else

  11. @ sean
    I know this was made in 2010 but you should add Tokatti and Mio
    Tokatti has a crush on Mio and Mio gained a crush on a guy called Tooru Chiba in episode 9 but she got over her feelings for him.

  12. Is it ok to add Kai from Gaoranger because on the ranger wiki it says that he seems to be interested in Sae


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