Sentai Robots That Killed Their Test Pilots

What's also tragic about mecha is that some of them were uncontrollable at first. These are the following:

Dr. Yamagata created the Galaxy Robo in Maskman to provide the Maskmen another robot in the future. He was also a close friend of Director Sanjoru Sugata. While it was undergoing test pilot, the robot went berserk on its own killing its own pilot. The Maskmen went to find it since Great Five was buried underground, however Dr. Yamagata's daughter objected to the plan because it reminded her of her father's death. It was unstable at first but through aura power meditation, the Maskmen were able to stabilize it and rescue the buried Great Five robot. In the finale, it defeated Zeba.

The Red Puncher in Ohranger was another except it was only piloted by Hoshino Gorou/Oh Red. In the past, UAOH's top leading scientist (played by Ryohei Kobayashi) tested the robot but he died in the process because it was unstable. A tribute to Maskman's Galaxy Robo, also the daughter of the test pilot objected to it. The recording of the late scientist managed to help Hoshino Gorou take hold of the robot's instability and piloted it into battle. It was able to combine with Ohranger Robo to form the Buster Ohranger Robo.

The third in the list is Mougyudaioh but not a secondary robot. It was more like a tertiary. Long ago, it was so unstable that the previous Shinkengers had to seal it. It was also the very first origami created which due to excess mojikara, grew too powerful so it was sealed in Mt. Tsunobe's people, the designers of this mecha. In the later times, Hiro Sakikibara creates another Ushi Origami disc, something that his father attempted but died. So its first test pilot was Hiro's unnamed father. Toji Sakikibara, Hiro's paternal grandfather decided to create a disc to break it because it killed his son who became its test pilot along with his daughter-in-law. Akumaro was after it too and forced Hiro Sakikibara to activate it. However, Takeru Shiba was able to reclaim it and through a new form of mojikara, got it under full control just as it was about to rampage a city. It didn't combine with any of the other robots except when the Samuraihaoh was being formed.


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