Sentai Stars in Prince of Tennis

Here are Sentai stars who appeared in Prince of Tennis as far as I can remember:

Hiroki Aiba

Hiroki Suzuki

Ryuji Sainei

Yasuka Saito

Hirofumi Araki

Tagaki Shinpei

Hamao Kyousuke

Hosogai Kei

Missed any? Let me know!


  1. Hirofumi Araki/Rio of Gekiranger also appeared in Prince of Tennis.

  2. Kyousuke Hamao (GoseiBlack) and Kento Ono (GoseiBlue) have also starred in Tenimyu. Takagi Manpei (GekiBlue) has a twin brother who starred in Tenimyu and also played Retsu's evil double in one episode of Gekiranger.

    BoukenBlack's actor is called Yasuka Saito

  3. they should have featured sentai veterans playing either faculty members or the parents of the main cast

  4. Hm This entry sounds like they changed from Super Sentai to Prince of Tennis. Fact is: It's the other way round. First they stood on stage for Prince of Tennis Musicals (and appeared in the movie in case of Aiba Hiroki, Suzuki Hiroki and Araki Hirofumi) and THEN changed to Super Sentai. The only exception is Saitoh Yasuka.

    Barizorg in Gokaiger is also voced by a former Tenimyu Actor (Shindo Gaku) as well as Go-Busters Blue Buster played by one(Baba Ryoma).

    1. @leiyahime- Thanks for the information. I never knew that. I'm glad you dropped by.


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