Sentai Villains That Got Killed More Than Once

Here are some villains that got killed more than once. IMO this is just weird science. They are:

Juuoh- In episode 30, he survived the initial attack by the Metal Megas. He fell down to pieces in episode 31. Since his parts were intact for reassembly, he was brought back to life in episode 34. He was killed in episode 49 when he received severe damage from both Silver and the Biomen.

Giluke in Changeman (center)- He was killed by Star King Bazoo for attempted rebellion but he later came back as Ghost Giluke before being fully restored. He was killed by the Changeman again once in human form and the other in giant form.

Ragorn in Turboranger- He was defeated by Riki Honoo/Red Turbo in a one-on-one-oh-so-intense battle in episode 39 which was arranged by the Nagare Bouma. Also in that episode, the Super Turbo Builder was used to defeat him when he was too powerful for the Super Turbo Robot to handle. He later came back as the fully mobile and golden skinned Neo Ragorn in episode 44 but he was easily defeated by the Super Turbo Robot though. :-P

Prince Kai in Zyuranger- He was killed in the past by a dinosaur. In the present day, Dai Satan brought him back to life to cement the deal. He was finished off when Dora Talos and Dai Satan were destroyed by the Zyurangers through Kyokyoku Daizyujin.

Akomaru- He was killed twice. First he was crushed by a boulder. Gorma XV fished him out of Hell. The second time, he died with his mother.

Gorma XV in Dairanger- He was killed in the past in battle by some unknown person. Later on, Shaddam killed him too by stealing from him the Earth-shaking Jewel which killed him as it was needed for him to keep his clay body strong enough for his soul to store.

Shaddam in Dairanger- Since it was revealed he was using a clay body in the finale after Ryou stabbed him, it's assumed he made a clay body to keep himself alive so he may be in this list.

Yugande- He was destroyed in episode 8 by Galaxy Mega then he was brought back by episode 13.

Dark King Zlypheeza was killed thrice. He was first destroyed by Max Victory Robo. He was resurrected by Dinasu by a life-siphoning spider parasite. He killed himself after Salamandes took over his mind. He was resurrected with a more powerful form, only to be destroyed by the Sigma Project.

Prince Salamandes- He was first killed in episode 43 as Ghost King Salamandes and destroyed again in episode 49 as Salamandes Dragon.

Org Highness Shuten- He was killed in episode 14 and later came back with Ura and Rasetsu after being released from Hell by Tsuetsue and Yaba-iba.

Org Highness Ura- He was first killed by Shirogane/Gao Silver. He came back to life anyway and later transformed into his super self, only to be killed by the Gao Icarus. He was killed for the third time together with Rasetsu and Shuten.

Org Highness Rasetsu- He was first killed by the Gao Kentaurus after his plan to force Tetomu to cook for him failed. He was later killed a second time together with Shuten and Ura.

Tsuetsue- She was first killed by Rasetsu who used her body as a shield to protect him from the Hyakujuuken. Second time, she was killed with her lover Yaba-iba when they were both buried in the Matrix. Third time, she was killed in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai though the third death is canon to fan's imagination.

The Seven Spears of Jakanja- They were all resurrected in the final episode. Before the defeat of Tao Zanto, the seven of them fought the Hurricangers minus the Shurikenger to the death for the last time. For Wendinu, she died a third time in the fan-decision canon of Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.

Memmi- He was killed a second time in the fan canon of Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.

Gai and Rei in Boukenger- Though they were originally killed in Task 18 by the Boukengers, they were resurrected by Gaja as cyborgs in Task 19 where they caused much havoc until they were finally destroyed in Task 42 after their Homolculus failed. Much more trouble than Ramu and Gogu were in Jetman.

Bladerun- Though he was originally destroyed in Epic 29, he has returned quite recently as a cyborg. Think of Freeza and Tao Pai Pai in Dragon Ball Z!  He was later killed again in Gokaiger vs. 199 Heroes.


  1. Interesting list Sean. :)

    Here are some others: =D

    Radiguet got killed twice. Once in the series. Second in the manga.

    Akomaru from Dairanger got killed once by getting crushed under a boulder. Second time, gets buried in a cave with his mother.

    Yugande got killed once, and was resurrected into more powerful forms.

    In the VS Movie, Gingaman vs Megaranger, all the Baluban villains get killed a second time.

    Zylpheeza got killed three times! Salamandes got killed twice.

    The Highness Dukes got killed twice each. With the exception of Ura, who got killed three times.

    Not sure if this counts, but all seven Spears in Hurricanger in the finale.

  2. @Fantasy Leader- Thanks for clearing my mind up once again.

  3. @ Sean

    Hey, no problem! Always happy to help! ^__^


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