Sentai Villains Who are Victims of Unrequited Affections

Here are also villains who are victims of unrequited love:

Monster in Bioman had a crush on Farrah but she resented the whole idea of being his bride.

Although Kiros liked Ial, she never liked him. :-P He sought to kill Takeru/Red Mask out of envy.

Zimba- Prior to his relationship to Jarmin, he was once in love with a human princess who rejected him because of his ugly appearance. It turned him into the hate-loving beast he is today. Ironically, he cared about Jarmin enough to give his life for her.

Vulgyre fell for the Sidonian woman Meadow but was rejected. I find the attraction just to bizarre. Did Meadow really hide a monster form beneath her human form?!

Radiguet liked Maria but she never liked him. He suffered from that frustration to the point of killing her since he can't have her.

President Bowzock who was the second-in-command to Emperor Exhaus courted Zonette but she was after Kyousuke Jinai/Red Racer instead. Well, the fact that he defected from evil to good may still be met with more frustration, since Zonette never liked him.

Dayu was a human woman in love with Shinza, who never loved her. She wrecked his wedding and fell into Gedou as a result. Shinza's soul was inside her shamisen and was unable to go free until it was destroyed.


  1. what about rio and mele? rio kinda ignored her at first...but they were together in the end...

  2. How could you reject monster? He can be such a sweetheart, and I bet he gives great hugs. Mason looks like he's wearing some guy's toupee.

  3. wouldnt grey be included in this because he did have feelings for maria

  4. @Kean-

    Grey and Maria were an item. She loved him back even if he was a robot.


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