The Specialized Mechaclones in Bioman

In Bioman, I have remembered there were a few mechaclones that stood out over the rest. They were more than just default androids, they had some special functions. I can remember them as:

In episode 7-8, Dr. Man created a mechaclone that looked like Star Boy and acted like Star Boy. He was designed to fool Peebo. The Biomen discover the conspiracy when they found the blueprints while trying to rescue Peebo.

Episodes 19 introduced the Black Prince. In episode 20, he was revealed to be an advanced mechaclone designed after Dr. Man's real son Shuichi who is revealed in episode 25. Unlike most mechaclones, the Black Prince was sturdier, smarter and had greater fighting abilities. Why Dr. Man created a mechaclone instead of an actual trooper is unknown.

Episode 21 had a cameraman mechaclone. Although he was as brittle as the usual mechaclone, he was a deadly adversary due to his intelligence.

Episode 22 featured a mechaclone made to resemble Ryuuta Nambara/Blue Three to frame him for robberies he didn't commit. He was however dismantled via tools by the Biomen in human form.

Episode 28 had a mechaclone that resembled Dr. Man which was made as a decoy since Dr. Man realized that his secret of being once a human was already out.

Episodes 43-44 introduced us to the last one known as Miki who appeared as a school girl. She had the ability to transform potential energy to kinetic energy through her eyes. Also, she was created to make sure Satan Megas kept reassembling. She was given a conscience circuit by Dr. Shibata (who turned out to be Gou Shirou's father using a pseudonym to hide himself). She became friends with Shuichi but this proved to hurt the others as she had to die for Satan Megas to be defeated. She sacrificed herself to save the world.


  1. Hope you will make a comparison between Shinkenger and Power Rangers Samurai.I already felt unease with Power Rangers Samurai toys especially the dragon...if the toy is like that with the dragon form like that, I doubt how do it combine with the others in Power Rangers Samurai...the dragon look I think they might call back Green ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm since it is a Samurai Green Ranger too...I hope you will respond about this in your post- I am a kamen rider, Power Rangers and Super Sentai fans... ;) 3 in I see think in all aspect

  2. @Luke- Well you may have posted at a wrong entry but hi. I would want to make a comparison. You know, I won't be talking about Power Rangers if I'm not comparing it to Super Sentai. So I'd be taking your advice but being an adult Sentai fan, I hope I don't get biased about Power Rangers.


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