Super Sentai's Secondary Combining Robots

Here are some of the secondary combining robots in Super Sentai:

Live Boxer was piloted by Green Rhino and Black Bison.

Kakure Daishogun- The very first in the list used by all rangers.

Ohblocker Robo- The second in the list. It was used to kill Emperor Bacchus Wrath.

The Grand Liner was used by the Gogo V siblings. It was destroyed by Salamandes Dragon and Zlypheza II later on in the series.

Victory Mars was the best Gogo V robot IMO. It was used in a space mission.

These were piloted by the sixth rangers:

Gaohunter was the combination of Gao Alligator, Gao Wolf and Gao Hammerhead piloted by Shirogane/Gao Silver.

The Bouken Siren Builder was piloted by Eiji Takaoka.


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