The Transporting Mecha in Super Sentai

Well I kind of want to do some "scientific entries" as of late. Well, I may keep talking about mecha or anything science-related for Super Sentai for the whole month with ice breakers in between.

I finally decided to make an entry on the transporting mecha in Super Sentai. These mecha were called and they housed specific mecha which is in contrast to today's Sentai's modus operandi which the mecha were immediately launched for combining.

Goranger had two of them. The first one was known as the Varibloom (right) and later the Varideen (left) which I felt like was a tribute to Gatchaman.

JAKQ used the Sky Ace.

Battle Fever J used the Battle Shark. It launched Battle Fever Robo into battle.

The Denzimen used the Denzi Tiger which transported the Denzifighter/Daidenzin into battle.

Sun Vulcan used the Jaguar Vulcan Flying Fortress in transporting the mecha components into battle. Other similar fortresses were:

The Goggle Caesar from Goggle V- It was however piloted by Goggle Black and Goggle Pink, who didn't take part in controlling Goggle Robo. They however assisted the robot whenever it was near danger.

The Dyna Jupiter from Dynaman.

The Bio Dragon from Bioman. It left for outer space after the end of the series with Peebo piloting it.

The Shuttle Base from Changeman. It was ridden by more than the Changemen but also the survivors of the EDS base and surviving members of Gozma who have defected into space to battle with Bazoo.

The Round Base in Flashman was a transport system from the Flash Star to Earth.

The Turboranger from Maskman. Not to be confused with the Super Sentai series. Strangely enough, Turboranger as a series would be the first without a transporting mecha.

The Machine Buffalo in Liveman at first housed the first three mecha and then the later two. The last 80s transporting mecha.

The Victory Trailer was a later transport mecha after not having one for some time. It was introduced in the middle of Carranger. Compared to the previous ones, it had a robot mode and its weapons were used by the VRV Robo (which appeared because the RV Robo got ransacked by Bowzack) to finish the enemy monster.

The Ginga Bitus is the last one as of present. However like the Victory Trailer, it didn't appear at the beginning.

The Bakuryuu Brachiosaurus is the only one in the 2000s Sentai. It's also the first to be supernatural over technological. :-P


  1. what about the grandliner? it transported the victory machines and mars machines throughout the entire series.

  2. machine buffalo was in Liveman,not maskman.


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