"Bulk and Skull" Type Rangers in Super Sentai

So this is a pretty funny entry but I think these guys deserve some credit as Bulk and Skull type rangers:

Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo- I felt like this guy was a Skull prototype although he was no bully. But like Skull, he was a comic relief character.

Raita Ooshi/Yellow Owl- Like Bulk, they're both overweight and funny. Hmmm Bulk as Yellow Owl would be very funny.

Dan and Boi- In Zyuranger, the two made a comedic duo which placed the Zyurangers in several disasters which was in a way like Bulk and Skull.

Genta Umemori- He's a funny character but not that funny though although I consider him to be way more hyper than Gem and Gemma combined.

Think anybody should be here. Let me know!


  1. how about ryuuta nanbara/blue 3. his comic side seems to be similar to that of jackie chan


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