Marvel Influence on Super Sentai

There was a time that Marvel Comics worked with Toei prior to splitting up the partnership. So I felt like there was little Marvel comics influence to Super Sentai like:

Battle Fever J had the motif similar to Captain America's comrades in World War II. Not only that the name Miss America was also used.

In Changeman, we have the Gozma. Let's see- we have Giluke is similar to Terrax in personality. Also Bazoo the Living Planet is similar to Ego the Living Planet- both villains devoured planets and were extremely callous.

In Fiveman, Vulgyre was like Galactus. He devoured planets in order to survive.

Missed any? Let me know!


  1. I cannot think of Marvel's influence in Super Sentai but in other genre of Tokusatsu. The Metal Hero genre was greatly influenced by Ironman.


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