My Favorite Sentai Singers

Here are my favorite Sentai singers. Enjoy.

Takayuki Miyauchi- The legendary singer of Sentai IMO. Up to present, he still sings for Super Sentai but only insert themes.

Hironobu Kageyama- He sang several of the Sentai opening and closing themes as well as the insert themes. I liked him for his rendition of "Love Soldier" of Jetman "Kokoro Wa Tamago" of Jetman, which both series focused on star-crossed love. Too bad though, he didn't sing the Shinkenger opening theme.

Megumi Mori- Before becoming Megum Misaki for Liveman, she was already a talented singer. I definitely like her voice 10x better than Nao Nagasawa. She's a natural.

Rin Tanakashi- I just loved her singing in the Shinkenger OVA.

Kenta Satou- He sang the Turboranger opening and ending, as well as "Graduation of Youth" and later the Zyuranger theme song.

Daisuke Shima- His voice made his songs pretty powerful especially the Liveman opening theme.

Toshihide Wakamatsu- He sang "Fiery Condor" pretty well.


  1. ayumi was in dekaranger

  2. IMO I think Mika Kikuchi has the best singing voice that I've heard from a Sentai actress. Both her character song and the Peace in the Heaven songs were great, and her CD My Star is pretty good to. Better than many JPop idols, imo. I also think Hidenori Tokuyama has a great singing voice. He's the only male Sentai actor that I can stand listening to him singing.

  3. Aw, whats wrong with Nao? I find her voice to be really beautiful.

  4. @Wingspan- Nao's voice is not much of my type. I prefer a less cute voice and a more mature voice. :-P


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