Peebo's Robotic Gender Lost in Translation

In Bioman's rather cheesy English dub, Peebo was referred to as "he" at first, then later Peebo was referred to as "she". It was pretty much lost in translation to what Peebo's gender is. I don't rely much on Wikipedia seeing that anybody can edit the article and vandalize it. Technically speaking, Peebo would have no gender but then, even robots in science fiction are classified as "male" or "female" just as their supposed parent/parents would program them to do so.

So here's the argument they used to justify Peebo as a female- the robot was voiced by a female and had a female suit actor. Then again, certain female rangers in Super Sentai especially the pink ranger had a male stunt double for certain more dangerous scenes to perform. In fact, episode 10 of Bioman had only the male stuntman perform the death of Mika Koizumi just in case you didn't notice. If you've played Megaman Legends, the voice actor for Megaman was a female also but that doesn't make Megaman a female!

However, some people insist Peebo is a male because of using "boku" and how a kiss from the female members gets the android to react. Basically, I think Peebo is a he in terms of programming.

Actually the first obviously female android was Colon in Liveman.


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