Presenting the Goukaiger Cast

Once again, the ever-reliable Henshin Grid has provided information and photos. Yup. Here is the photo of the cast:

We have the following in the cast and I'll list them from left to right:
  • Koike Yui as Goukai Pink
  • Shimizu Kazuki as Goukai Green
  • Ozawa Ryota as Goukai Red
  • Yamada Yuuki as Goukai Blue
  • Ichimichi Mao as Goukai Yellow
I personally think this cast really looks promising. Hmmm... and here's a few of my comments:
  • Ozawa Ryota looks like a PRINCE.
  • Ichimichi Mao looks like she's got mixed Caucasian blood. Me... well I I have Caucasian blood too like how many Caucasians have gotten Oriental blood.


  1. I made an article regarding Goukaiger and so far, only blue and green's name are confirmed by the actors themselves.

    Here's the list of their rumored and confirmed names.

  2. I find yellow cute! And she looks promising. I dunno with Pink. Red looks promising too!

  3. I'm kind of hoping Red and Yellow get together. I don't know why.

  4. it's time to change your signboard from goseiger to goukaiger, all right?

  5. i'm puzzled by the way,
    is the person playing Blue a man or woman?

    and, where can i view all your previous signboard?

  6. @Toni- I removed the signboard already. The one playing blue is a MAN.


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