Sentai Kurismas Cakes... Hee Hee!

Here are some interesting and cute Kurismas cakes or Christmas cakes from Japan. Any American would call these the Power Rangers cakes if they didn't know the term "Super Sentai" and kept calling it "Japanese Power Rangers":

The pictures taken from:

An Abaranger cake. Too bad though, Zyuranger had none. Anyway, I think Jason David Frank would be pleased to get one of these if he went on a holiday in Japan.

The Special Police Dekaranger cake. If you ask me though, Banban Akaza and Marie Gold would have this together.

If you're a sibling of three boys and two girls, this cake would be the best. Ma-ma-magiranger! Hmmm Fiveman and Gogo V can go get one or make their own. Ha ha.

We have the Boukenger cake. Surely we can have this for adventurers.

The Gekiranger cake. Well I suppose this would be popular among Chinese fans. Being Chinese in ethnicity myself, I agree. I would get this one.

The Go-onger cake. Let's not think of the dark RPM season but have this. Anyway I wonder if Judd Lynn will like receiving this cake? I think he will.

The Shinkenger cake. Well it has my favorite Shinkenger on it. I just hope Haim Saban got to try this cake before he finally launches Power Rangers Samurai and introduces the art of Samurai to the non-Japanese Americans. Only if Toei and Saban will partake of these before Power Rangers Samurai gets launched.

From the Goseigers who will soon end their mission. Goukaiger is around the corner.


  1. Those were some bizarre comments. =P

  2. Sean, I went through the hard work to look for those pictures, so now I have your permission to copy your posts and put my comments and twists to it?

  3. @Lavender Ranger- Yup. I allow copy/paste of work as long as the source is being acknowledged. Yes you can put your twists and comments to it if you want. Feel free to write similar topics that I have written here if you haven't and if you feel like you're missing anything like I do. :-)

  4. Tori with Shinkenger cake hehe


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