Sentai Team Techniques Used Only Once

I overlooked this. Hee hee. Too bad I don't have pictures so I'll just post the teams. They are:

The Gorangers executed the Cassiopeia Star Attack against Black Cross Fuehrer in the finale.

The Biomen used the Bio Revolver only in episode 2 and the Bio Burn Bar only in episode 3. In the movie, they used the Bio Spectral Flash which was not seen in the series.

The Maskmen performed the Aura Power Burst in the final episode against Emperor Zeba.

The Jetmen performed the Firebird attack when all five flew and formed a phoenix to attack Radiguet prior to the final battle.

The Carrangers used a killer dash technique to destroy a shrunken Emperor Exhaus after Gynamo threw expired imo youkan into their enemy's mouth.

The Gaorangers were aided by the revived power animals to destroy Senki. In the movie Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, the Gaoranger Storm.


  1. Goranger? Casseopia five star attack?


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