"Shinkenger Hints" in Past Super Sentai

Before Shinkenger, the idea of the samurai seems to be hinted for a decade or more. Here are the following series as one or more of the team wore samurai suits or at least, the actor or actress:

Battle Fever J introduced a samurai-like robot and Commander Kurama Tetsuzan was an expert in handling the samurai sword.

Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II was a master in Kendo.

One episode of Denziman had the team in several cosplays, one of them being the samurai.

In Goggle V, I remembered one episode when Kenichi Akama/Goggle Red cosplayed as a samurai in episode six against Baku Mozoo.

In Bioman, the ancestor Gou Shirou was a samurai himself. Strange enough, Takeru Shiba would also control fire.

Whether or not Takeru/Red Mask counts is up to fandom. In episode 16, Kenta's mentor dressed up as a samurai.

In Turboranger episode 5 (if you count the special as an episode), the Turborangers also had their own samurai disguise. Zimba was also a samurai-type foe.

Mei and Dan dressed up as samurai in Zyuranger episode 26. I just thought it might have been a clue of a moe samurai appearing much later in the person of Kotoha.

In Ohranger episode 34, the Ohrangers mastered the art of helm splitting using samurai swords.

In Dekaranger episode 18, the Dekarangers were dressed up as a samurai team. In the Dekaranger vs. Abaranger movie, the girls dressed up as samurai to beat the resurrected Succubus with Ranru Itsuki.

In Go-onger, there was also the Samurai World which also appeared in the Shinkenger vs. Go-onger film.

Updated: January 21, 2016


  1. Zimba himself from Turboranger had a samurai motif going on. As well as several other Bouma.

    In Zyuranger 26, when both Dan and Mei had drunk TottoBatto's potion, there was a samurai scene where they beat up a bunch of guys.

    Budoh from Gingaman had a samurai motif. This also goes for several of his minions.

    There was Samurai Doll Org in episode 11 of Gaoranger.

    The Gekirangers fight against a bunch of samurai when Rageku sends them back in time.

  2. Don't forget Maskman.

    The main protagonist of the show, Red Mask, is named Takeru.

  3. Samurai are iconic figures in Japan, it's really no surprise they were used in Sentai long before Shinkenger. Especially since several series have had a time-travel episode where the heroes go back to the Edo era

  4. The Magiranger dressed as ninja in one ep but kinda looked like samurai.

  5. @Ling- Takeru in Maskman didn't dress up as a samurai so I kind of disregarded it. :-(

  6. in Gogo V vs TimeRanger, Both Series' Respective Green and Yellow Rangers are sent into a samurai-era time

  7. in maskman episode 16, kenta's sensei dressed up like a samurai in order to restore his confidence

  8. In a goranger episode there was a monster called Musha Kamen, which was themed after a samurai


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