Some Cool Sentai Cosplay Photos Mostly from Thailand

Here are some cool Sentai cosplay photos I found on the Internet. Hee hee. Anyway, I felt like these photos are just cool. Other pictures take from, or
Dressed up as the Goseigers.

Hey how did that child grow so old so fast?! Ha ha.

Dressed up as Jan and Rio.

What the? Bouken Silver is with... LIGHT from Death Note? Ha ha!
Forever Red... but not complete anyway!

Yellow ranger cosplay! Forever yellow!

Cosplaying as the planeteer Sentai group... the Go-ongers!

Cosplay from Thailand. Bouken Red and Kamen Rider Kabuto costumes never looked this good for cosplayers.

Bouken Red and Kamen Rider Kabuto saving children. Joke.

An interesting Thai cosplay group. Almost looks like the show.

We have Magired, Magigreen, Kamen Rider Black RX and Deka Red visiting the MALL in Thailand in MBK centers in Thailand. Wow Black RX I thought you already were running a beef store? Joke.

Here's what Sentai characters do after tehy save children- picture time! Oh my the Abarangers will call SPD to arrest me for invading their privacy!

The Dekarangers imitated by children. Junior Dekaranger! Seriously, does SPD accept children?!

A Boukenger cosplay.

Cosplay at the Thai Royal Army at Rajdamnern Road on January 12, 2008.

The Ozu family and the brother-in-law cosplayed.

A Shinkenger cosplay. Actually the costumes are kind of well-done.

Hmmm.... making a robot costume is difficult and don't want to wear one.

Lions Club International charity show with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. What's strange is that we have Tyrano Ranger and Shinken Red cosplayers together which reminds me... Power Rangers Samurai is COMING! If I'm not wrong, this is from Singapore.

Actually, Doggie's costume is kind of hard to make.


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