Some Great Events for 2011 for Power Rangers-Sentai Fans

Yup as the year ends, here's what everybody's looking forward to:

Strictly for Goseiger fans, the Goseiger finale. I personally think the show's not my type or is Shinken-mania affecting me?

February 5, 2011 will be the premier of Power Rangers Samurai. Too bad Saban wasn't able to return earlier. And well, here it is. I've heard that they plan to make it a fun season which is kind of in contrast to Shinkenger which was a more serious season.

The coming of the Goukaigers and the 35th Sentai anniversary. Why do I get the feeling it'll be better than Goseiger? I just hope my fixation on Shinkenger won't stop me from watching the show. It will be on February 11, 2011.


  1. yea i can tell that they will try to make it more comedic, but i think thats going to ruin the series because i saw the preview and i was just face palming a lot of times

  2. Samurai première has been put back two days. The time has been confirmed as Monday February 7th at 8/7C (8pm Eastern, 7pm Central).


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