A Thought Between Super Sentai and Power Rangers with Yuletide Specials

I personally thought it over that lately, Power Rangers doesn't have much of the holiday specials especially the holidays specials. So here's a little bit of pondering I've done- Power Rangers may be composed of multi-ethnic teams but they're basically mostly American like Asian-American or African-American vs. the fact that Super Sentai is an all-Japanese team with occasional half-breeds.

If I'm not wrong, Power Rangers started the idea of having a Christmas special. Above is an ornament that may never be done for Super Sentai characters. We don't see Zyuranger decors do we?

In Season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which was using Kakuranger footage, we have Rito Revolto and Goldar taking over the North Pole. Keep in mind that Kakuranger had a Yuletide special too before this but it was far more action packed.

In Zeo, we had sort of an alternate future with an aging Tommy (and married to Kat) where they mention an event of ethnicity conflict among the rangers. Ohranger had none. However what was ironic was that every other Super Sentai series that followed had a Yuletide special too.

Carranger had an Xmas album. We never saw this come out for Power Rangers do we? Sadly not. Super Sentai did something unexpected. I wonder why Toei didn't prod Saban to do one?

Soon enough, it also became a nearly yearly tradition to have a Yuletide special or to insert the holiday and not make it focused on the holiday at all. Sigh. I wonder why Power Rangers has stopped with it?


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