The Use of Versus in Sentai Crossovers

Well it's really true that I have somewhat skipped to ask the reason why it's been called the VS. Series, when int he first place, the rangers team up. Okay, so let's try to take a look at what versus means in the dictionary meaning as opposed to or in contrast with. Apparently the meaning of the word "versus" here is "in contrast with" which of course, one team other the other have some contrasts with the other. Like for example here's the contrasts during crossovers:
  • Themes are the most obvious contrasts. For example the obviously non-canon Ohranger vs. Kakuranger had a team-up of one team using alien technology (the Ohrangers) which is in contrast to the Kakurangers who used the supernatural. Many times, one motif meets a different motif which makes it fun to watch. Sometimes, even the themes affect the personalities.
  • Sometimes a darker season can be matched up with a lighter season for a team-up. This has happened in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger, Gekiranger vs. Go-onger, Go-onger vs. Shinkenger and for the upcoming Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. For example, Shinkenger was kind of a dark series in contrast to Go-onger which was a cracktastic, crazier than MMPR series.
So I hope I'll be able to solve the mystery of why it's called the versus series.


  1. how about creating a blog entry if every super sentai has a teamup, starting from battle fever j vs denjiman


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