Fan Pairings in Super Sentai With Little or No Chemistry

Well since it's also the love month (and I am also reminded of my first love but nah I have to forget her) I would like to do some romance entries. But here are some fan pairings that were made without any basis with little or no chemistry at all:

The Takeru/Red Mask-Momoko/Pink Mask pairing which many of its supporters like me are also Takeru/Shinken Red-Mako/Shinken Pink shippers. First and foremost, it doesn't look like Takeru in the script would really fall for Momoko because he was still in the quest to rescue his girlfriend Ial. Also, Momoko's conversations with Takeru are more on the teammate type and there are no hints she ever has a crush on him. On the other hand, the Takeru-Mako pairing IMO has more hints to develop a real relationship. They just look good together and that's it.

Kakeru Shishi and Sae Taiga- Although they went around together in many missions but there was little chemistry between them IMO. Not surprisingly, many fans of these pairing are also Cole Evans-Alyssa Enrile shippers.

Kaoru Shiba and Genta Umemori- This is baseless and senseless, just because they went to war together doesn't make them any lovey dovey.


  1. Genta/Kaoru really annoys me. The idea of them working together in episode 47 was to show that Genta can still be a real samurai even if he wasn't born as one, not that he secretly "loves" Kaoru.

    What about Hiroto and Saki in Go-onger? I know a lot of people who ship this, but they don't really have any scenes together. Ran and Retsu in Gekiranger are a popular fan pairing too but the show never hinted at them getting together, Retsu is pretty dismissive to all his teammates and the only woman he showed an interest in is Cherry. I think people want Ran to end up with Retsu because he is more "normal" than Jan, but that's pretty insulting to Jan ...

  2. Suggestion for a future post on Sentai romance: Why is it that most people ship the Red/Pink in every Sentai, even though there are only THREE canon Red/Pink couples (Spade Ace/Heart Queen, TimeRed/TimePink, and BoukenRed/BoukenPink?) And never ship Red with Yellow? Yellow always seems to end up with a subordinate member in fandom, even if she's the only girl on the team (like Ran in Gekiranger - most people prefer Ran/Retsu) or if she has more chemistry with Red than the Pink does.

  3. if you ask me a blue or yellow and pink romance may be an alternate to the red and pink..

  4. if i am correct, gaoblue also has a crush on gaowhite

  5. Mega Yellow always give her support to Innocent Mega Black, Mega Pink got a crush on Mega Blue.


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