Thoughts on Gokaiger Episode 12- Joe's Focus and Kaoru Shiba

So here's pretty much of my thoughts on the whole episode 12. Sorry, I missed out episodes 9-10 for reviews.

Kaoru Shiba's appearance is all but more practical than Takeru Shiba since she is the true heir of the Shiba household. Also...

It was fun to see Joe's focus episode as well as how he and Barizorg (formerly Sid Bamick) has become from his close friend to his worst enemy. He has to make tough choices. Heroism is never easy. It's not about fame or fortune- it's about doing what's right.

Kaoru Shiba's role as the true 18th head was further expanded when she gave the Gokaigers the power to access the samurai mode for the Gokai-oh. It was pretty bad-ass. Too bad Tanba didn't die in this episode. :-P

As for Shinkenger characters, it's confirmed that Genta Umemori will appear for the Legend War. So where is Tori Matsuzaka? Maybe he's having some other project or is courting some woman outside the country. Who knows?


  1. It has been magiranger, dekaranger, gekiranger, gaoranger and shinkenger here, and I want to see another older sentai like goranger, goggle v, maskman etc quickly

  2. SHogo ( chiaki is with genta to ) Tori on the other hand is very busy with shooting lead for Asuko March which is up to episode 3 and he is rumoured to be in the new hana kimi in the summer, also he is shooting a new movie ( he has alot on so i think that is way he couldnt do anything with Sentai )


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